Fieldfare Challenge Final – Support & Thanks

The Fieldfare Trust is very grateful for the support for the Fieldfare Challenge Final we have received to date. We are aiming to raise £12000 to guarantee a Final for the teams that won their place.

We have had a promising start to the campaign and we would like to thank everyone below for their very kind donations and messages of support;

“Good luck – I hope you reach your target and are able to run the event!” – Maaz Fyaz, Ipswich
“Good luck with the fundraising” – Matthew Steward, Witnesham
“A great cause – I hope you manage to raise enough money for the final” – Steve Dickens, Ferndown
“Good luck” – Mr RFJ Slade, Woodbridge
“Not just for the 48 young people from the 6 teams who competed to win their place at the Final but, for all those who make it a fantastic event; lets make though experiences possible once more!” – Anonymous donor
“Best of luck, Good luck to everyone on this – I was hoping for the lucky numbers at the weekend so I could sponsor it – alas… so here’s my cash” – Matthew Hawnt, Portsmouth
“Starter for £10….:-D” – Abby Sawyer, Sheffield

Thank you also to everyone that has made a donation and prefers to remain anonymous – your support is much appreciated.

If you would like to support the fundraising – you can make a donation at

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