Partnership with the Fieldfare Challenge

Partnership with the Fieldfare Challenge

A Partnership Proposition to Support Shared Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

The Fieldfare Challenge

The Challenge is an inclusive national outdoor adventure event and competition, running for 30 years. It provides an excellent opportunity for organisations to achieve goals which they may have to support and develop community projects with a genuinely inclusive philosophy.

The Challenge is based on outdoor problem solving games, designed to test the skills of a team to communicate, plan, support, solve and evaluate their performance. The games aim to challenge skills in teams of 8 young people aged 13 to 16 (4 with and 4 without disabilities). All team members can play an active role in solving the challenges and the inclusion of all should be a key goal of the team. There are opportunities for teams to pit themselves against the Challenge games within the school or group environment, out in the countryside and, ultimately in regional competition heats and even a national final.

There are opportunities to enter for teams from individual or paired schools, scouts, guides and other youth groups. Initially activities take place in or close to the team’s school or base. Regional heats use nearby country parks as the venue for activities and the National Final provides a three night residential experience in the great outdoors in competition with teams from across the UK. Schools, groups and teams can benefit educationally and socially. The Challenge helps schools and staff achieve their goals; many schools and teachers are already actively using it within the timetable to deliver a variety of curriculum targets.

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The Challenge is currently free to enter. It is managed by the Fieldfare Trust and is supported by trained and enthusiastic volunteers. The Challenge can be entered simply as a means for schools or groups to gain support in running inclusive outdoor activities or, it can be the means through which competitive teams practice and prepare for regional heats and the national final.

In the educational environment, Challenge activities offer an easily accessible structure which professionals working with young people can deliver some of their most challenging goals.  The process fosters learning and understanding about themselves as individuals and about others.  It engages people of all abilities together rather than in separate environments, to support  a focus on what we can do for ourselves, for others and, for a collective community benefit.

Extract from the Manifesto for Learning Outside the Classroom

By helping young people apply their knowledge across a range of challenges, learning outside the classroom builds bridges between theory and reality, schools and communities, young people and their futures.  Quality learning experiences in ‘real’ situations have the capacity and social skills.  When these experiences are well planned, safely managed and personalised to meet the needs of every child they can:

  • Improve academic achievement
  • Provide a bridge to higher order learning
  • Develop skills and independence in a widening range of environments
  • Make learning more engaging and relevant to young people
  • Develop active citizens and stewards of the environment
  • Nurture creativity
  • Provide opportunities for informal learning through play
  • Reduce behaviour problems
  • Stimulate, inspire and improve motivation
  • Develop the ability to deal with uncertainty
  • Provide challenge and the opportunity to take acceptable levels of risk
  • Improve young people’s attitudes to learning

The Programme

We are looking at running regional heats in September/October this year, for which funding is required and volunteering opportunities are available.  If you would be interested in volunteering locally or nationally, or if you would like to help us to fund a heat in your region by sponsoring us, then please contact us on in the first instance.

For more information please email

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