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Apr 30 2008

A Challenge Well Met!

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Rod Holmes joined the Trust over twenty years ago to help run the first ever Kielder Challenge.

Now as Fieldfare’s longest serving full-time member of staff he retired on 21st April.

He was a volunteer on the Challenge for 2 years from its very first weekend in 1985 before becoming a member of staff in 1987. From that small beginning, with about 30 teams taking part in 6 heats across the North of England, to the present 300 teams and 50+ heats, Rod has been central to the Challenge’s success. He is well known to teachers, volunteers and youngsters with and without disabilities right across the UK, all of whom regard him with affection and respect for the fun he has engendered through the Challenge activities. His gargantuan rope and timber structures at the finals will be remembered by all who saw them.

Rod also made significant contributions to other Fieldfare projects, playing key roles in the BT Countryside for All Grant and Awards Scheme. He worked on Fieldfare’s advisory and training services. He could always be relied upon to provide a very practical and down-to -earth input.

Everyone at Fieldfare wishes Rod a long and happy retirement, well earned!!

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